Welcome to the virtual reality world of 3d-Shkarat Msaied

Here you will find some results of our digital archaeology field recordings: photogrammetric recordings, time lapse recordings, screenshots of the work process, 3D-models of contexts, artefacts, and buildings. We are cooperating as well with the [HUMlab] at the University of Copenhagen South Campus Library; the eScience centre (ABACUS2.0) at SDU, and the UCPH Digital Archaeology LAB.

Shkarat Msaied 2016 UNIT F

based on ca. 450 images processed with Agisoft Photoscan and MeshLab (prepared by Moritz Kinzel 2017 [published on Sketchfab 28.03.2017]).

Shkarat Msaied 2016_Unit F by moritzkinzel on Sketchfab

Link to another version of the model with higher resolution

SM2015 screenshot

SM2015 3D modelling with AutoDesk recap 360

SM2015 screenshot 3D modelling with AutoDesk recap360

model texture

SM2016 3D-model texture of unit F